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Hey guys!

With the blessings of Rythian, we now have a complete set of Tekkit inspired jewelry available in the store. He was great enough to allow us to use the t-shirt designs I did for him to make a set of unique necklaces, bracelets and rings.

These pieces are now available on the Blind Leviathan Etsy shop! So if you want a piece to match your t-shirt or just some badass Rythian swag, you can find links to all the pieces on display here. All the pieces are made to order just for you. If you see something you like but maybe want a different color image background, ring color, bracelet or chain size – let us know through an Etsy note or my ask box and I can make you something special!  

Leather Strap Rythian Necklace

Silver and Amethyst Rythian Necklace

Gunmetal Black Rythian Bracelet

Swiftwolf’s Rending Gale

Ring of Ignition

Void Ring (with Gem of Eternal Density visible) *While supplies last*

‘The Day you become predictable…’ Bracelet *While supplies last*

Leather Strap ‘The Day you become predictable…’ Necklace

Copper chain ‘The Day you become predictable…’ Necklace *While supplies last*

Don’t have an Etsy account? That’s okay! It’s easy and only takes a second. More Rythian stuff, like earrings and pinback buttons, coming next month.

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